Keep your existing phone number. If you are switching from your current phone provider and you want to keep your number, no problem! Our residential phone plans include all of the features without any additional charges or fees. We can also customize your service if there is something else that you need.

$24.95 / Month*

  • Unlimited calling in the United States, Canada, and Mexico

  • e911 Service

  • Voicemail with e-mail notification

  • Caller ID

  • Advanced Call Forwarding

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Simultaneous Ring

  • 1-900/976 Call Blocking

  • International Call Blocking

  • Soft Client Support

  • Call Waiting

  • Advanced Call Screening

  • Star * Codes

  • Office Manager Web Portal

  • Auto-Attendant

  • Hot Desking

  • Configurable Feature Codes

  • Paging

  • Call Parking

  • Call Queues

  • Customizable Music on Hold


Does your business need a professional and flexible business phone plan? Our local team is ready to help by providing you with local one on one support to design the phone system that is perfect for your business. Our business plans include all of the same great features of our residential plans plus additional business specific options.

$34.95 / Month*

Includes the same great features from the residential plan plus the following:

  • Keep your existing phone numbers for brand retention

  • Add additional numbers to your phone network as needed

  • Toll-free numbers available

  • Multiple extension management for your entire team

  • Call forwarding to mobile phones - work from anywhere

  • Voicemails transcribed and delivered to email

  • Text message capable 

  • Conferencing bridge

  • Directory listing

  • eFax

  • Call waiting and overflow routing and management

  • Additional support and features may be available upon request


*Excludes taxes, 911 fees, and other Government surcharges and fees